Trio Levante was founded in Cyprus in November 2014. Since then, they try to further explore the period of the Smyrna and Rembetiko genre. They come as close as possible to the old sound and way of interpreting these songs with the simplicity of the instruments recorded at that time by their great composers. The aim is for the audience to get in touch with the music variety, the composers and the music performers of the time, via the purity, authenticity and expressive honesty advocated by Trio Levante.

Trio Levante's band members are Petros Kouloumis (voice, lute, guitar, piano), Pavlos Michaelides (voice, violin) and Pantelis Ionas (voice, guitar, banjo, oud). They have collaborated on stage with well-known Greek artists such as Stefanos Dorbarakis, Areti Ketime, Dimitris Mystakidis, Katerina Papadopoulou and Sofia Papazoglou. 

Trio Levante's first album "Astika Laika Tragoudia" feature Areti Ketime and Stefanos Dormbarakis on three of the selected songs.

Astika Laika Tragoudia